bunte Sanduhren
Organizing change


Twenty years of experiences and lessons learned have provided us with key competences. When collaborating with the German Children and Youth Foundation, these competences are something you can count on.


The fundamental operating principle of the German Children and Youth Foundation is to stimulate and moderate cooperation. Its partners include important foundations, enterprises, federal and regional ministries, scientific institutions and many partners from practice. Moreover, the Foundation is a member of the network of the International Youth Foundation (IYF), the European Network of Foundations for Social Economy (PEFONDES) and cooperates with a diverse range of European partners.


In many areas, Germany seems to be a country of isolated projects. Making the crucial step from pilot project to long-term, broad-based change requires a successful transfer. For many years, the DKJS has been thinking of ways in which government institutions and foundations can work together to integrate good ideas and solutions into the standard structures of the education sector. Based on its practical programme experiences, the DKJS has generated and described suitable strategies and facilitating factors.


All programmes of the Foundation are evaluated internally or externally. A special department analyzes the impact, has the quality checked and draws conclusions for further work. As a member of the German Society for Evaluation (DeGEval), the German Children and Youth Foundation constantly reviews the effects of its social commitment.


Professional PR work is an integral part of our programmes. In fact, we begin thinking of suitable PR strategies as soon as we start developing a new programme. All print and online communications, media work or events are designed to serve the specific goals of a programme in order to help increase that programme’s effectiveness.