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In Germany, one in four children are at risk of slipping into poverty. This means they are less likely to experience educational success and meaningful participation in society. Providing early support and education is the key to success. Working together, we can help youth!

The DKJS cooperates closely with foundations, companies and private individuals in a wide range of collaborative arrangements. By starting a programme of your own or getting involved in existing initiatives, you can ensure that great ideas for more educational success become a daily reality at day cares and schools. Together we develop a plan of how you can act on your social responsibility for the next generation and communicate that commitment successfully.


A good start for all children

According to UNICEF, about one-third of all refugees coming to Germany are children. Learning and playing with children the same age enables them to get off to a good start in Germany – to find friends, learn to speak German and regain some sense of a normal life. The German Children and Youth Foundation runs various programmes to support important processes of integration. In the so-called ‘WillkommensKITAs’, for example, teachers working with refugee children in their groups receive support and training. This helps them deal with trauma as well as build relationships to refugee families and between parents of all children.


One example: An alliance for digital education

For many years, ARAG, a German family-owned insurance company, has been dedicated to supporting the digital education of children and youth through various projects of its own. Likewise, many of the German Children and Youth Foundation’s programmes have an emphasis on living and learning in the digital world. Thanks to a gift from ARAG, the DKJS is now able to further develop this thematic field, working to ensure that social participation on the web will become a reality for all boys and girls in Germany.


Think Big: Gaining Skills Outside School

‘Think Big’ is a youth programme co-sponsored by the Telefónica Foundation and the German Children and Youth Foundation in collaboration with O2. By offering workshops, coaching and project funding, the programme supports young people in navigating the digital world and expanding their technological skills. They learn how to develop ideas and an entrepreneurial mind-set, and how to launch their own social projects. Ideas include a fundraising marathon across Europe, a film project with refugees, or apps that make life at school easier. Since the launch of ‘Think Big’ in 2010, more than 75,000 youth participated in over 3,000 projects, making the programme one of the largest youth programmes in Germany. The initiative is conceived as a long-term project funded by the Telefónica Foundation in Germany, Spain and the UK.


futOUR Summer Camps

Barclaycard Barclays Bank believes it is important that youth receive early advice and guidance regarding their future careers. That is why the bank supports the German Children and Youth Foundation in two ways: first, through a donation for the futOUR career orientation camps and second, through the expertise of their own staff. In job application trainings and mini internships, Barclaycard staff support pupils even after the camp is over, thereby facilitating a smooth entry to the world of work.